Are you allowed to work in China? Work Permits explained.

Work visas are a requirement for anyone who wants to go to China and work, and they are only granted if the prospective employer meets certain requirements.

The company that is intending to employ you must be accredited to employ foreign workers and you must meet certain criteria that identify you are a ‘foreign expert’, the company will need a certificate to this effect.

Common employment for foreigners is teaching and in order for you to meet the criteria as an ‘expert’ you have to have English as your first language, a BA education level and also 2 years teaching experience.
To start the process your employer will send you an Employment Permit and Visa Notification Letter issued by the Chinese government, you must submit these along with photocopies of your application.

Application can be made at the Chinese Embassy in your country, they must be made in person, mailed applications are not accepted.
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